Zoltan Istvan Futurist Collection

After publishing his bestselling novel The Transhumanist Wager in 2013, Zoltan Istvan began frequently writing essays about the future. A former journalist with National Geographic, Istvan’s essays spanned topics from the Singularity to cyborgism to radical longevity to futurist philosophy. He also wrote about politics as he made a surprisingly popular run for the US Presidency in 2016, touring the country aboard his coffin-shaped Immortality Bus, which The New York Times Magazine called “The great sarcophagus of the American highway…a metaphor of life itself.” Zoltan’s provocative campaign and radical tech-themed articles garnered him the title of the “Science Candidate” by his supporters. Many of his writings—published in Vice, Quartz, Slate, The Guardian, International Living, Yahoo! News, Gizmodo, TechCruch, Psychology Today, Salon, New Scientist, Business Insider, The Daily Dot, Maven, Cato Institute, The Daily Caller, Metro, International Business Times, Wired UK, VentureBeat IEEE Spectrum, The San Francisco Chronicle, Daily Mail, Newsweek, and The New York Times—went viral on the internet, garnishing millions of reads and tens of thousands of comments. His articles—often seen as controversial, provocative, and secular—elevated him to worldwide recognition as one of the de facto leaders of the burgeoning transhumanism movement. Here are many of those watershed essays—and new ones too—organized and edited by the author in this 7-book box set of his essential work, the Zoltan Istvan Futurist Collection. Spanning from 2013 to 2020, the 200+ essays in the box set focus on futurism, atheism, life extension, politics, philosophy, transhumanism, and his early writings. The author partially edited the collection during his studies at the University of Oxford. Enjoy reading about the future according to Zoltan Istvan.

So far there are only 50 physical box sets of the collection in existence, each personally signed by Zoltan. He is working on a “collectors edition” plan to use the boxsets for fundraising and promoting transhumanism. Stay tuned for more developments.

However, you can always buy the ebook collection on Amazon Kindle or the seven books individually.