ZI Ventures

For many years, Zoltan Istvan had a website he created called ZI Ventures (up at www.ziventures.com). This site was a compilation of his various businesses and projects pre-40 years of age. For posterity and research, he’s pasting screenshots of most of the important sections and pages here. (A bulk of this website was his early journalism associated with Istvan Media. To find that, click on Early Writings, Pawns of Paradise, or National Geographic in the menu above).


NEW EDEN DEBELOPMENT (Zoltan’s construction / real estate development landing page)


ISTVAN MEDIA (much of Zoltan’s early media work)

Animal Rescue TV video I made.

Pawns of Paradise documentary (Kashmir / part of Istvan Media)

VOLCANO BOARDING (original site and club / part of Istvan Media)

A sampling of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC articles (part of Istvan Media). Go to National Geographic menu for all of them.

A sampling of New York Times Syndicate stories (part of Istvan Media). Go to National Geographic menu for more.