Volcano Boarding

In 2002, Zoltan Istvan officially pioneered the extreme sport of Volcano Boarding (also called volcano surfing) for National Geographic, though he first tried the sport on a piece of wood in 1995 in Vanuatu. The segment, which aired on the National Geographic Channel in 2002 went viral, and helped launch Zoltan’s career as a journalist and adventurer.

For some years, Zoltan had a small club at volcanoboarding.org where people could chat about the sport as it grew. The sport is now practiced on various continents around the world. Besides his TV presentation, his two most important articles on volcano boarding were for NationalGeographic.com and The San Francisco Chronicle, both in 2002.

His pioneering and popularizing of Volcano Boarding has been covered far and wide, from CNN to Good Mythical Morning to Newsweek (and many other sites). Traditionally, Zoltan seperates volcano boarding in two forms: going down dormant volcanoes and going down active ones, where dangerous gasses and lava bombs can kill riders. He recently did an interview about it for ABC Australia:

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