Modern Journalism

Zoltan Istvan’s 25+ year career in journalism began in earnest with his reporting for National Geograhic during his late 20s, though as a bluewater sailor crossing oceans, he’s been writing for major sailing magazines a few years before that. However, after publishing his widely reviewed novel The Transhumanist Wager in early 2013, he received many invitations to write in major media about his science & technology ideas. He jumped at the opportunity, and since then, he’s written almost 300 Opinion articles over the last decade. Eventually, he hopes to get them all up here, but for now you can find many of them in the Zoltan Istvan Futurist Collection, or by googling for them, or by clicking the links below.

Most recently in 2022-2024 he’s been writing a lot for Newsweek.

And before that The New York Times.

Before that at Quartz.

Over the years, he’s also written multiple articles (5 or more) for TechCrunch, Business Insider, The Daily Dot, Gizmodo, & The San Francisco Chronicle.

His most prolific writing came between 2014 and 2016, when he had columns at Vice (Transhumanist Future), Psychology Today (The Transhumanist Philosopher), and Huff Post. He penned about 125 stories (many of my Psychology Today essays are no longer up but all can be found in the Zoltan Istvan Futurist Collection).

In the last decade, his articles have also appeared in Slate, Salon, New Scientist, Medium, The Guardian, Cato Institute, The Daily Caller Futurism, Metro, Singularity Hub, International Business Times, Wired UK, VentureBeat, & IEEE Spectrum, Napa Valley Register, Daily Mail, The Hill, and many other places.

Many of his articles were translated to multiple languages and then syndicated.

He’s also had colums in magazines International Living (Frontiers) and Live and Invest Overseas (The Propper Prepper). Aproria Magazine also ran a 4-part series on transhumanism he wrote.

Zoltan has also contributed essays and forewords to numerous books.

Finally, he worked with XPRIZE and they produced a screenplay on longevity for one of their campaigns.

Many of his recent essays can be found in his 7-book futurist collection.