With his wildly popular US Presidential run as a science candidate, bestselling book The Transhumanist Wager, and
powerful speeches at institutions like the World Bank, Zoltan Istvan has literally transformed transhumanism into a
thriving worldwide phenomenon. He is often cited as the
global leader of the radical science movement. A humanitarian
activist and former journalist for National Geographic, Zoltan has been compared in major media to a young Al Gore and
described as a modern-day Ayn Rand.

Beyond extensive media coverage, Zoltan is an eloquent, Ivy-league educated man yearning to use science,
technology, and reason to dramatically remake humanity. Over the last two years, Zoltan has consulted for the US Navy
as a futurist, interviewed to be Libertarian Gary Johnson’s Vice President, appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience (and
dozens of other shows), and gave many speeches, including at Microsoft, the Global Leaders Forum, and the
Times Camp Alphaville (opening Keynote). Zoltan was the only presidential candidate to be interviewed by underground
mega-group Anonymous. His award-winning 2013 novel
The Transhumanist Wager was a #1 bestseller in Philosophy
and also a top 5 Amazon book. It’s been compared in reviews to Ayn Rand’s work over 1000 times. It’s being taught in
various colleges and high schools around the world as a warning and inspiration about the future. Coming out in 2017 is
a feature documentary three years in the making called
Immortality or Bust, which covers his historic bus tour across
America on the
Immortality Bus. Zoltan is the founder of the Transhumanist Party, the author the Transhumanist Bill of
Rights, and a frequently interviewed expert on AI and genetic editing. Before becoming an acclaimed futurist, he was a
journalist for the National Geographic Channel (often an on-camera reporter) and
The New York Times Syndicate.
Zoltan has traveled to over 100 countries, and has a degree in Philosophy and Religion from Columbia University. He
frequently writes articles for
Newsweek, Vice, Wired, HuffPost, TechCrunch, and other major media. He is currently a
libertarian candidate for California Governor 2018.

More about Zoltan Istvan:

Zoltan is a successful entrepreneur, with
The New Yorker citing he made a minor fortune in real estate. Zoltan is married
to a medical doctor, and they have two daughters. Zoltan’s feature warzone documentary,
Pawns of Paradise, on the
Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan, won two documentary awards and played in film festivals around the world.
Zoltan was a Communications Director at WildAid, a major nonprofit wildlife organization that aims to stop wildlife
poaching and protect endangered species. As an athlete, Zoltan was a national champion water polo player and is
credited with inventing the extreme sport of Volcano Boarding, which debuted on the
National Geographic Channel in
2002 and is practiced around the world today. Zoltan plays the guitar and piano, and owns a vineyard in Argentina.

Zoltan frequently speaks all over the world, as well as joins forums, debates and hosts events. Contact him with
inquiries. If you're a journalist and need immediate information or a quote, text or email him. He responds quickly.


Zoltan Istvan

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Zoltan speaking at Global Leaders Forum
Zoltan speaking at AWE Convention
Zoltan's bestselling book
"Leader of assorted 'biohackers'
attempting to merge humans &
-Evening Standard
"Polite and charismatic...a
plausibly Presidential
-The New York Times