Zoltan Istvan's political platform is often different than his futurist, artistic, and philosophical writings. As a
speaker, journalist, and novelist, Zoltan attempts to expand his readers perspectives by challenging them
with original and provocative ideas. As a politician, he aims to efficiently solve problems in the real world
that will directly help humanity and improve (and streamline) government--often by using science and
technology as the means.

Zoltan is currently writing a series of articles defining his platform:

Here are some of them:

1) Newsweek: Why I'm Running as a Libertarian for California Governor

2) Psychology Today: The Future of Taxes (a Libertarian Transhumanist's

3) The Daily Dot: How Should Libertarians Treat Harmful Natural
Phenomena? (Pondering New Ways to Interpret the Non-aggression

4) TechCrunch:
Federal Land Dividend: Is Monetizing Federal Land the Way
to Pay for Basic Income?

5) HuffPost: Let’s Turn America’s Military-Industrial Complex into a Science-
Industrial Complex

6) Wired UK: How Humans Can Compete Against Machines in the Future

7) Vice Motherboard: Liberty Might Be Better Served by Doing Away with

8) The American Conservative: The Growing World of Libertarian

9) Reason: Reparations are Needed to Help Drug War Victims, Including

10) San Francisco Chronicle: Radical Tech Like Chip Implants Make Humans
More Efficient

11) HuffPost: The Libertarian Futurist’s Case for Avoiding War and Military

12) The Daily Caller: The Unreasonableness of the Libertarian Party

More articles are coming soon!